The most important promise Goku made to Chi-Chi has been fulfilled.

Dragon Ball Super proves that Goku did not break a commitment he made to his wife Chi-Chi in the original Dragon Ball series. Even though many fans have a reasonable impression that Goku is a bad husband and father, Goku has gone out of his way to prove them wrong.

With the promise that this will be the last time he interferes with Gohan’s academics and that he will eventually obtain a job, Chi-Chi agrees to let Goku train Gohan to beat Cell in Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama, chapter 366. Of course, Goku jumps at the chance, but it’s important to remember that he never once hampered Gohan’s education or prevented him from finding work throughout the rest of DBZ and the most recent chapters of Dragon Ball Super.

Goku might have easily broken his promise, but he didn’t.

After Cell’s death, it would have been difficult for Goku to disrupt Gohan’s schooling or career, but while he was still alive, Goku kept his word. While visiting Earth for a day, he convinces Chi-Chi to let Gohan compete in the forthcoming competition, despite the fact that it will distract him from his studies and cost them money if he does well. Later, Goku joins Gohan and Elder Kai in training with the Zeta Sword, but he doesn’t start it. Also, Gohan isn’t interested in joining the Tournament of Power, despite the fact that Goku brings up recruiting him several times in Super when he and his buddies are looking for warriors to join them. Piccolo, not Goku, is the one who ultimately decides to train Gohan.

Throughout Dragon Ball Super, Goku gets hired for a few different jobs. Chi-Chi insisted he finds steady employment because he always seems to be in the process of looking for work when he suddenly comes into a large sum of money. Hercule presents Goku with 100 million Zeni in the beginning of the manga as a reward that Hercule believes rightfully belongs to Goku. In Chapter 27, after being robbed by bandits while working another job, Goku gives them in for a large payoff. Chi-Chi’s offer of Sky-Gold as payment for Goku’s services justifies his permission to travel to planet Cereal, where he will presumably find a “job.”

The Reasons Goku Has May Not Always Count

It’s undeniable that Goku has made great efforts to keep his commitment to Chi-Chi, despite the fact that he has made mistakes along the way like ignoring Chi-Chi’s feelings in Dragon Ball. It may be said that Goku didn’t think much of his son’s fighting skills, thus he didn’t sign him up for the Tournament of Power. Even if that’s the case, it doesn’t change the fact that Goku kept his word to Chi-Chi.

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