Sophie Turner’s Divorce from Joe Jonas: Her Reaction to Ongoing Rumors Revealed

When a prominent couple breaks up, fans often want to know why. This is especially true if the split comes as a shock. Did they participate in a common activity? Did they just stop talking to one another? While the divorce of many celebrities (Kevin Costner, we’re looking at you!) is a public spectacle, some are able to keep at least certain aspects of their fall from grace out of the media.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s breakup announcement this week has left their fans wondering what went down. When online speculation about their connection reached a fever pitch, the two decided to issue a joint statement to set the record straight.

SheKnows has more on the subject.

According to a reliable source, Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner after discovering her infidelity via their wedding ring camera.

“After four wonderful years of marriage, we’ve decided to end it on good terms,” the Game of Thrones actor wrote on Instagram, adding that the statement spoke for both of them. “There are many speculations as to the reason, but in reality this is a decision we all agree on, and we hope that everyone will respect our wish for privacy for ourselves and our children.”

The comment is attributed to both of them, but Turner’s perspective is evident. The Associated Press reports that prior to this declaration, Jonas had filed for divorce. Jonas’s side of the story was being told by anonymous sources, which reflected poorly on Turner.

TMZ, which broke the news of the split before any other outlet, claimed that Jonas was “of late” taking care of the couple’s children, Willa, 3, and their son, 1 year old. That is to say, the children accompanied their father on his tour with the other members of the Jonas Brothers.

The youngsters’ whereabouts were confirmed by the consistency of the information spread about them. The kids have been touring with him and his family for the past few months. According to this source, “Sophie has been working in the UK.”

Another source told the Daily Mail that Turner complained of being “trapped” in her union. “Sophie feels like she’s just now waking up to what her life and reality are really like,” a source said to the media. She married young, had children early, and missed out on the typical teenage experiences like hanging out with friends and having sexual encounters.

She feels that her life and her personal life have come to a halt since the end of Game of Thrones, they added. Since having children, she has felt trapped. Among her closest pals, she is the only one who is married and has children.

While we can’t verify the veracity of these claims, we can say that they all seem to be aimed squarely at Turner. We believe that her statement was an attempt to correct the record, explain her side of events, and silence the gossip mill once and for all.

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