Netflix’s One Piece finale teases season 2 and fan-favorite villain

At the end of One Piece Season 8 Episode 8, Netflix drops a hint about a mysterious character. Who were they, and how do they foreshadow the upcoming season 2?

This paragraph contains One Piece episode 8 spoilers. The Netflix adaptation of the renowned anime and manga series One Piece ends the season with a bang by teasing the entrance of a new, deadly enemy at the end of episode 8.

Someone burns down Luffy’s wanted poster.
Luffy and the Straw Hats defeat the shark-like monster Arlong and avert a confrontation with Garp and the Marines in the season one finale of One Piece. Exciting moments abound in this episode.

After Grap releases the Going Merry crew, Luffy finally obtains his own “wanted” sign. This is because law enforcement has become aware of his pirating operations.

At the end of the episode and the season, the gang embarks on a new journey, and it seems like that’s it until the credits roll. But if spectators hang around for just a little longer, they’ll get a pleasant surprise.

A mysterious white-haired man emerges from the foggy shadows, holding two smokes. He has his back to the camera as he sits at a desk. The scene then shifts to reveal this new character using a cigar to set fire to a photocopy of a wanted poster for Luffy.

Who was present at the close of One Piece episode 8?

One Piece season 8, episode 8 reveals that Smoker is hiding something.

If the tale goes faithful to the manga and anime, Luffy and the Straw Hats will soon see Smoker, a terrifying Marine captain who lives in Loguetown.

The 4Kids dub renamed the character Chaser to remove any implication that he smoked from the show. The show was deemed more kid-friendly as a result of this change.

Smoker, like Luffy, may summon devilish forces after consuming the Smoke-Smoke Fruit. This grants him the ability to shapeshift and manipulate smoke.

When Luffy visits the site in Loguetown where Pirate King Gold Roger was killed when Smoker was little, he runs across Smoker.

As a result, Smoker gets fixated with finding Luffy and punishing him for his misdeeds.

The Stage Is Set for One Piece Season 2
As mentioned above, the brief introduction of Smoker in episode 8 provides a clue as to the next stop on Luffy and the Straw Hats’ journey to the Grand Line.

Smoker becomes obsessed with capturing the gang once they land in Loguetown and immediately find themselves on the wrong side of the law in the original manga and anime.

Although Netflix hasn’t formally renewed One Piece for a second season just yet, it seems probable that we’ll be seeing Luffy and the gang again soon after they broke records previously held by Stranger Things and Wednesday.

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