Netflix’s ‘Futurama’ Finale: Matt Groening’s Original Series Rises on the Charts

It’s accurate to say that renowned cartoonist Matt Groening is riding high at the moment, although such a statement borders on the trite given that his work has rarely been out of the limelight. Many people’s lives have been permanently altered by Groening’s aesthetic since he gave us The Simpsons, a piece of television royalty that we will likely enshrine in a time capsule.

Some of his most popular masterpieces are being revived in exciting new forms even now. For instance, the premiere of Futurama season eight on Hulu was the second most requested television show debut in the United States, and the show remained in the top five most-streamed original series from its premiere through the end of August.

Disenchantment, a fantasy comedic animation series created by Groening for Netflix, is all that’s left. Just last month, Netflix began streaming the fifth and final 10 episodes of the show. Indeed, Princess Bean and her companions were successful in recruiting more observers than the Groening train could accommodate.

Part 5 of Disenchantment narrowly made it onto Netflix’s Top 10 TV rankings for the week of August 28-September 3, with 1.4 million unique users watching 6.6 million hours of the show. Not even close to the 140,1 million hours that have been spent watching One Piece, but not everyone has access to such a renowned resource.

All five seasons of Disenchantment are currently available on Netflix.

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