Netflix is giving The Lincoln Lawyer a third season because it is such a big hit.

If you like Michael Connelly’s books, which introduced us to the powerful Harry Bosch and his sometimes friend-turned-foe Mickey Haller, you’ll be happy to hear that Netflix has given the show The Lincoln Lawyer a green light for a third season.

There will be a total of ten new shows on the best streaming service. Season two was based on Connelly’s book The Fifth Witness, and season three will be based on Connelly’s book The Gods of Guilt.

Along with Bosch, Haller is one of the best characters in modern crime fiction, so a new season of The Lincoln Lawyer is certainly something to celebrate. Season two was one of Netflix’s top 10 shows in 81 countries, so it’s a safe bet for the company.

What do we know about the third season of The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix?

The Gods of Guilt was Connelly’s 26th book, and it was called “terrific” by The Washington Post when it came out in 2013. At the start of the book, the main character, lawyer Mickey Haller, is either at rock bottom or very close to it. Then a killer case comes in. He is hired to protect a man who is accused of murder and can pay him $50,000 upfront. But since this is a Michael Connelly story, things aren’t exactly what they seem to be, and Haller is soon in a lot of trouble.

According to Deadline, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo will return as Mickey Halley, and Becki Newton (Lorna), Jazz Raycole (Izzy), Angus Sampson (Cisco), Yaya DaCosta (Andrea Freeman), and others will play their parts again.

If you haven’t read any of Connelly’s books, you should. The shows that are based on them are also great. I signed up for Prime Video just to watch Bosch, which is great, and I watched the spin-off series Bosch: Legacy on Amazon’s Freevee. Both shows are still on, and you can watch the older seasons of The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix. And on October 20, the second season of Bosch: Legacy will come out. I’ve put the video in this post.

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