Netflix Fires Star of Hit Show Amid Allegations

According to The Daily Mail, the actor Percy Hynes White was written out of the upcoming second season of the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things” after sexual assault allegations surfaced against him earlier this year. Someone on Twitter posted a thread claiming he assaulted a woman at a Toronto party and drank women into submission so he could have sex with them. A lot of people started talking about the #cancelpercy handle once the thread went viral.

White’s family friend told The Daily Mail on Wednesday that Netflix had fired him from the show. The insider added, “He never took part in any of the false claims against him that were on Twitter and were never followed up on or proven.” Also, the fact that Netflix fired him from the series was called “a disgrace” by the anonymous source. White has also refuted the allegations and provided a response on Instagram.

White wrote, “Someone I’ve never met started spreading false information online about me earlier this year.” In addition, she claimed, “My friend Jane was wrongly made out to be a victim, and her attempts to set the record straight have been ignored.” The actor of Wednesday added that the rumors were false and pleaded that his loved ones and coworkers be left alone. Since the accusations were made, White claims, his family has been doxxed and his friends have received death threats.

Wednesday stars Percy Hynes White as Nevermoore Academy student Xavier Thorpe, whose artwork comes to life. The series was a major success for Netflix, earning nominations for both Outstanding Comedy Series and Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Jenna Ortega. Due to the show’s rapid success, Netflix renewed it for a second season without delay.

White was reportedly fired on Wednesday, according to the Daily Mail, but Netflix has yet to comment on the matter. Instead, the streaming service claimed that no casting decisions for Season 2 had been made due to ongoing strikes in the film industry. The validity of this source’s claim that Netflix is planning to remove White from the show remains unclear.

White has been silent on the matter since last Wednesday, but his co-star Jenna Ortega gushed about him in March when she discussed their time living together in an apartment in Romania. During an interview, Ortega remarked of White, “We literally raised each other like our own children.” White and Ortega will co-star in a rom-com set to release this coming winter, spring, summer, or fall. He and Ortega filmed several scenes for the film in Utah earlier this year.

Even if Percy Hynes White doesn’t join them for season two, Wednesday will return. However, the premiere date for the new season has not been set. It’s probable that the production time for the second season will increase due to the lack of screenplays written by WGA writers and the refusal of SAG-AFTRA actors to film for studios like Netflix. We’ll keep you posted on any developments we hear about Season 2 of Wednesday, but in the meantime, you can watch the first season right now on Netflix.

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