‘Kaitlyn Dever Faces Alien Invasion’ in ‘No One Will Save You’ Trailer

On September 22, Hulu will be the first place to watch the new horror movie No One Will Save You.
The scary mood and disturbing trailer make it look like the movie will be fun to watch on TV. It’s based on the standard idea of someone breaking into someone’s house, but with a sci-fi twist.
Even though Disney bought 20th Century Fox, the company still puts movies on Hulu. Even during a busy movie season, the low-budget film No One Will Save You might do well.
Now that Hulu and 20th Century Fox have released the first video for No One Will Save You, horror fans everywhere have something new to be scared of. The film directed by Brian Duffield will be available on Hulu starting September 22. You can watch it later in the fall. The clip is mostly about Kaitlyn Dever, who plays the main character in the movie. In the video, her character is defending her home from an attack. In No One Will Save You, the danger she has to stop comes from space, which is a different take on the usual movie story of a house invader. The trailer shows a lot of scary action scenes and, of course, the famous beam-up light that lifts a person into the air. No classic alien story would be complete without this light.

If the trailer for the movie is any sign, it will be a good one to watch on TV. Even though we saw a short glimpse of the scary alien, which looks a lot like the creatures in A Quiet Place, we still don’t know a lot about it. The science fiction horror movie will be on Hulu later this month, so people won’t have to wait long to see it.

Another movie from 20th Century Fox has been taken off of Hulu.
After Disney bought 20th Century Fox, it looks like most of the studio’s new movies, except for movies like Avatar: The Way of Water and The Boogeyman, will be shown first on Hulu. This strategy only worked well once this year, in the movie Boston Strangler. During a busy movie season, a low-budget horror movie like “No One Will Save You” might do better by streaming than by going to theaters. Even though it’s too early to tell if people will like this new horror movie, the first clip can be seen below.

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