Jonathan Majors’ Trial Delay Raises Doubts

With the release of the second season of Groot’s own animated miniseries on Disney Plus, every Marvel fan is declaring, “I Am Groot,” and not only the newborn sequoia with the same name. The film may seem as harmless as any in the MCU, but it actually disrupts our expectations for the future of the franchise and Marvel’s power structure. Jonathan Majors is struggling off-screen to determine his professional future…

The next stage in Jonathan Majors’ Kang case is unclear as his trial for domestic violence has been postponed one again.
It wasn’t too shocking to learn that Jonathan Majors’ long-delayed trial was scheduled to begin on September 6. But his legal team was able to delay it again. Many people believed that only if the actor from Quantum Man won his trial would his career be able to recover. However, it seems unlikely that the trial will ever reach a jury, making it difficult to predict what this means for his reputation and how long he will remain with the MCU. The strikes have given Marvel a bit of a reprieve, but soon they’ll have to get back to work on Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

In under four minutes, I Am Groot alters our understanding of Marvel canon.

Though even shorter than its diminutive protagonist, I Am Groot’s season two finale (running at less than five minutes) packs a lot of emotional punch. First of all, it might have just established that Groot possesses great cosmic powers that no other MCU hero possesses (a la Robin Williams’s Genie imitation). He’s destined for greatness, too, which sets up Guardians of the Galaxy 4 wonderfully. After that, there are a few passing allusions to a villain who could easily replace Kang in the Multiverse Saga’s roster of supervillains.

With 22 sequels now under his belt, Vin Diesel is likely gearing up for yet another Marvel film.
In spite of Dwayne Johnson’s best efforts (hello, useless Moana remake), Vin Diesel remains the undisputed master of the sequel. In reality, 22 of Diesel’s films are continuations of some type. And it’s unlikely that the second season of “I Am Groot” will be his last shot at appearing in the MCU. The massive success of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has raised the prospect of a Groot standalone film. The show’s producer thinks it’s a great concept. The Flora Colossus can go on for as long as Diesel wants to keep speaking the same three words over and over again, and we don’t even need James Gunn to keep writing Groot’s lines. We probably don’t have anything to worry about, given he is the same guy who has repeatedly used the word “family” in the last ten Fast & Furious films.

Because of Groot’s incredible power, it’s crucial that you follow every development in the Marvel canon closely; otherwise, the game could change drastically.

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