Is ‘Aquaman 2’ Really Coming Out This Year Without Teasers, Trailer, Stills, or Anything?

In the highly anticipated sequel, ‘Aquaman 2’, fans have been eagerly awaiting any glimpse into the underwater world of Arthur Curry. However, to the disappointment of many, the film’s release seems to be shrouded in mystery. With no teasers, trailers, or stills released thus far, one can’t help but wonder if this cinematic adventure will truly grace the silver screen this year. The lack of promotional material has left fans yearning for a taste of what’s to come, intensifying the anticipation for ‘Aquaman 2’ and leaving us all wondering when we will finally dive back into the depths alongside our beloved superhero.

We’re in the strangest time in the DCEU’s history. It’s about to end, sort of, with its last few movies, most of which have failed or, in the case of The Flash, become some of the worst box office flops in history.

This is such a strange case because:

A) James Gunn said that Blue Beetle, which is also not doing well, is the first real picture from the DCU era.

B) Aquaman 2 comes out after it and stars Jason Momoa as the figure from the DCEU.

C) Gunn has said that some DCEU stars, like Momoa, might not have to be recast as JLA members in the future.
Because of all of this, Aquaman 2 is a very strange thing, and it’s even stranger that this movie is supposedly coming out on December 20 of this year. Even though, after all this time, no one has seen even a second of video from it. There have been no teasers or trailers. I don’t think we’ve even seen a still picture from it. So, will it actually happen on that date?

About a month ago, THR released a big story about Aquaman. It talked about how it has been reshot three times, and it also reminded people that it was originally supposed to come out in December 2022.

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