Exploring the 5 My Hero Academia High Schools

My Hero Academia features multiple schools in Japan dedicated to hero training. The characteristics and rivalries of each institution are distinct.
Students at Shiketsu High School are noted for their discipline and preparation for the real world. It competes with U.A. and provides some of the show’s most recognizable characters.
The series has also featured the fictional Ketsubutsu Academy and Seiai Academies. While Seiai’s teamwork helped them pass the Provisional Hero Licensing Exam, Ketsubutsu’s conflict with U.A. is one-sided.
There are other schools in Japan that also train heroes, despite the fact that most of the main characters in My Hero Academia either work or attend U.A. High School. It’s common to hear the claim that U.A. is the best, but it’s also simple to see why most people who make that claim are biased. But the comics and anime feature a number of different educational institutions besides U.A. It’s not because they aren’t as well-known that the world’s other top universities are any less impressive. They are dispersed geographically and often have goals at odds with the U.S.A.

Public schools are where most of the attention has been focused, but private schools have their share of heroes as well. They receive a large number of applications year, so their acceptance percentages are typically low. The admittance rate at University of Arizona, for instance, is well below 1%. There are rivalries between the students of these hero schools, as there are between the students of other competing schools. Pros who came up through the ranks still tend to hold their alma mater in high regard. The relative strengths of each institution are detailed here.

Shiketsu Gakuen is a Japanese high school.

After the University of America, Shiketsu High School has the best reputation for producing heroes. The name is derived from a Japanese term for “Hero,” however the kanji characters are spelled in reverse. The University of America is located in the eastern part of the country, and the University of Tokyo is in the western part of Japan. It appears that the two schools have a rivalry on par with that of American collegiate teams. The most popular characters in Shiketsu include Inasa Yoarashi, Todoroki’s enemy, Camie Utsushimi, and Seiji Shishikura, who possesses the repulsive “meatball” Quirk. In the story arc titled “Provisional Hero Licensing Exam,” students from a variety of schools competed to earn their provisional licenses, and Shiketsu was mentioned for the first time along with the rest of the schools.

Himiko Toga passed herself off as Camie to avoid taking the test, which is why only two of the five Shiketsu students ended up with provisional licenses. Among these two was Nagamasa Mora, who represented the second-year students with a hair-related Quirk. Later, Todoroki and Bakugo were joined by Inasa and Camie in the re-education sessions, where they assisted in controlling some disruptive students with extreme Quirks. Seiji and an unidentified instructor sat in on the special observation of the remedial class. Later, in the last war arc, Shiketsu students fought alongside U.A. professionals and students.

Shiketsu’s students, despite having to take a remedial class, appear to have been well taught and are adept at employing their Quirks. Shiketsu is far more stringent than American institutions in that its pupils are not permitted to date other students.

Ketsubutsu University

Ketsubutsu Academy, whose name comes from the Japanese for “heroic figure” and which proclaims that it is in direct competition with U.A., is the next major institution. U.A. and Shiketsu appear to be in a much more balanced competition. Ketsubutsu’s second-year class was conducted by Ms. Joke, an Aizawa acquaintance whose Quirk causes others to giggle uncontrollably, during the Provisional Hero Licensing Exam. Ketsubutsu students have a long-standing habit of eliminating potential provisional licensees from U.A. before the exam even begins. They do this by watching the televised University of Arizona Sports Festival in order to gain insight into the peculiar customs of U.A. students in preparation.

Famous pupils from Ketsubutsu Academy include Yo Shindo and Tatami Nakagame. Both of them appeared in comic book stories that came out after the Paranormal Liberation War saga. They collaborated closely with two other kids during the exam; Shikkui Makabe, who has blue skin and a Quirk that makes things more difficult, and Itejiro Toteki, who has a Quirk called “Boomerang” that allows him to change the way objects move regardless of their location above or below ground. Quirk, Shindo’s earthquake, severely damaged the test site early on. Because of this, pupils had a considerably more difficult time collaborating with their peers and getting around. These four students were all sophomores at the time. Since they had all gained so much experience, it’s hardly surprising that the vast majority of them succeeded.

There have been a few more sightings of Shindo and Nakagame since the test. Apparently they started dating when people spotted them working together on their hero work study. Recently, they were dispatched to assist in evacuating locals to the Ketsubutsu Academy’s fortified location. The culprit, Muscular, who had managed to escape, was then confronted. Rapidly subsequent sightings of Makabe and Toteki performing the same duties elsewhere provide evidence that they, too, hold valid temporary permits. In the most recent war storyline, Yo Shindo returned to aid in the capture of villain Skeptic.

Seiai University

Seiai Academy appears exclusively in the anime. This is due to the fact that the Provisional Hero Licensing Exam now welcomes applicants from all schools, not just Shiketsu and Ketsubutsu. The only portrayed Seiai Academy students were females. This information may indicate that Seiai is a school for female heroes only. Team leader for Seiai was Saiko Intelli. After consuming tea, her IQ Quirk boosted her intelligence and ability to strategize. Unlike the majority of U.A.’s Class 1-A, many of the other shown pupils really exhibited helpful peculiarities rather than combative ones. U.A. students Momo, Jiro, Asui, and Shoji were the target of a clever plan to trap them in a building and knock them out, but they escaped the initial trap and made it through to the next level. Only two of the ten Seiai pupils who were displayed could have continued on in the competition had all of the U.A. students passed. It would be unwise to discount Seiai’s children entirely, though, as they demonstrated some of the best collaboration during the exam.

Seijin Gakuin University

Another anime-exclusive high school is Seijin High. This institution is the least well-known of those mentioned. When visiting Seijin, I saw that every single student was dressed like a ninja, which makes me wonder if they actually learn classic ninja techniques there. Their identities and identities were therefore concealed. Todoroki was cornered by Seijin’s students in the field’s industrial section for the Provisional Hero Licensing Exam, but their attack was poorly organized, and Todoroki easily defeated all six of them on his own. No one knows if any additional students from the school were present or if they were successful. Despite their defeat at Todoroki’s hands, the pupils appeared to have a firm grasp over their Quirks and were prepared to exploit their opponents’ vulnerabilities using tools that Todoroki couldn’t melt. It was a fantastic look for Seijin.

Isamu Gakuen

Students from Isamu Academy appeared in an OVA, or “Direct-to-DVD” anime show, while they were on a tour of U.A. High School. Another hero school, however exactly where in Japan this one is located is unknown. One of the kids, Habuko Mongoose, is a middle school friend of Tsuyu Asui’s. In the manga, Habuko appeared in an extra chapter focused on Asui. My Hero Academia’s Isamu Academy is therefore confirmed to appear in both the anime and manga adaptations. Like the mythical basilisk, Habuko has a snake-like head and an icy stare. Dadan Tadan, who, like Bakugo, has a Quirk based on perspiration, Romero Fujimi, whose Quirk can transform people into zombies, and Kashiko Sekigai, whose Quirk allows her to construct an extremely precise map of the area around her, are all featured in the OVA.

There are many paths to being a professional hero, and they all lead to the same destination but in various ways. Anyone who wants to become a hero must go through rigorous mental and physical training at a school dedicated to producing them. Since the professionals are willing to put their faith in these students’ abilities to work with them, they must also accept the actions of these institutions. No matter which of the My Hero Academia schools you attend, whether it is U.A. High School or one of the others, the ultimate goal is to save those in need.

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