Disney Plus releases season 2 trailer of cult fantasy epic it stole from Netflix.

A trailer for the upcoming season 2 of the cult beloved fantasy epic that Disney Plus stole from right in front of Netflix’s nose has been released.

Disney Plus has made the decision to give one of its major competitors the middle finger by choosing to secure the distribution rights for Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun. This decision was made despite the fact that Disney Plus has been cutting costs at every turn, which includes the cancellation and removal of original content just weeks or months after it was first added to the library.

Netflix swooped in to stream the high-concept historical fantasy in a number of overseas regions, where it fared well and developed a reputation as something of an underground cult favorite. The Korean series dropped its first massive run of 18 episodes back in June of 2019, with Netflix stepping in to broadcast the high-concept historical fiction.

However, the Mouse House has stepped in to pick up from where another of streaming’s heaviest hitters left off in order to steal a march and premiere The Sword of Aramun as a Disney Plus exclusive in multiple territories. The first teaser trailer for the show is now being unveiled with the platform’s signature branding.

Season 2 picks up approximately ten years later and continues Arthdal Chronicles’ tried and trusted method of mixing political intrigue with supernatural mysticism. This winning blend has proven to be fertile ground for the fantastical on-demand originals that actually manage to last beyond their opening stretch. The season premiere consists of three episodes.

Will Netflix come to regret the fact that it did not make the decision to take a risk and produce The Sword of Aramun? Time will tell, but it’s got to be a pain in the behind for anyone who doesn’t subscribe to Disney Plus and finds themselves wanting to discover where the plot is headed. Time will tell.

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