Delayed: Skeleton Crew, the upcoming Star Wars spin-off on Disney+, pushed back to 2024

When the next Star Wars film will be released is still a mystery. Especially now, when Hollywood is on its last legs due to the writer’s strike and the actor’s strike, and a deal is desperately needed. One of the shows whose release date was pushed back was Skeleton Crew, starring Jude Law, which was originally scheduled to debut on Disney+ in 2023 but will instead debut in 2022.

Production on the show reportedly began in the summer of 2022 and wrapped in January or February of this year, per the Bespin Bulletin. Because of the strike, Lucasfilm decided to push back the release date from November to December: “As the months went by, I kept hearing that a late November release was likely, and I was getting ready to announce that around three weeks ago, but then I started hearing rumblings of a delay,” the site said.

The year 2024 is when?
According to the information gathered by this insider, the release date of Skeleton Crew has been moved to sometime in 2024. Even the timeframe for the release is unclear at this moment. They haven’t been able to verify the validity of the rumors suggesting a 12-month delay.

Disney has not yet revealed any delays for the second seasons of Andor or The Acolyte, two shows set in the High Republic that have not been guaranteed to premiere in 2024.

Ahsoka, a sequel of sorts to Star Wars: Rebels, was the only one to the shelves on schedule. Similar to The Mandalorian, this show is set in the time period following the events of Return of the Jedi. Grand Admiral Thrawn is sought by Ahsoka Tano and her companions. The fourth episode will be available on Disney+ next Wednesday.

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