Buggy the Clown from ‘One Piece’ Sparks Fan Frenzy

There are many bizarre and even comical characters in the One Piece universe. Fish-men, a kid made of rubber, gods with superpowers, and towering giants all make appearances in the popular manga and anime series. Men with longer limbs tend to form the Longleg tribe, and vice versa for the Longarm tribe. The reality is that situations like this one will arise. Although there are now more than a thousand chapters of One Piece, Buggy the Clown was one of the first truly bizarre characters that readers encountered when the series originally began.

Luffy’s weird, elastic body was available to us. Almost everyone else, though, was human at first, unlike Buggy. So, Oda created the insane clown Buggy the Clown. He has a red nose that makes him look like a clown and is a perverted pirate commander. He shares a history with Luffy and initially represents everything he despises. Oh, and he’s the type of guy who can disassemble his own body and reassemble it elsewhere. That last reality is what’s tearing the internet apart.

Despite the fact that it sounds ridiculous, Buggy has become a fan favorite in the show’s new live-action Netflix adaptation. Apparently, the love-Bug is still going strong 20 years after the books were first published. I apologize. Fans have mixed reactions to actor Jeff Ward; some like his performance, while others prefer him for his sex appeal. To confirm what one adoring fan already knew, “girls on TikTok are going crazy over Buggy.” At first, it was all those serial killer shows on Netflix. Clowns have become the new serial killers.

This is not a trivial amount, either. Buggy Is Sexy Now? has become so popular that even Netflix has gotten in on the action, proclaiming, “They’re talking about your Buggy edits on TikTok.” When one Twitter user expressed frustration that Netflix had discovered their thirsty fan modifications, the streaming service responded with the message, “YOU ARE ALL GROUNDED.” This is the reality we live in now, people. The buzz is out: Buggy is a total babe. The next step… Please assure me that the One Piece is not a hoax.

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