‘Barbie: A Touch Of Magic’ On Netflix! Exclusive Clip: Watch Now!

With the worldwide success of Greta Gerwig’s new Barbie movie, we have officially entered the Barbie Girl Era. You may have to wait a while for a follow-up to this summer’s biggest box office smash, but you won’t have to wait long for additional Barbie films to be released on home video. Mattel’s newest animated series, Barbie: A Touch of Magic, premieres on September 14.

Fans follow Barbie “Malibu” Roberts and her sister Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts as they travel to Malibu in search of a lost foal. The show will feature “fantasy, friendship, and new, original music while returning to the world of Barbie DreamHouse Adventures.”

This horse, though, is unlike any other. Upon discovering that Peggy is actually a baby Pegasus, Barbie and her best friends must band together to prevent Rocki, a malicious magical entity, from kidnapping Peggy. They encounter several humorous and endearing adventures along the road.

See what happens when Peggy interrupts Brooklyn’s driving lesson by going through the trunk in this special clip from Scary Mommy.

Peggy seems to be introducing some intrigue and uncertainty into the Barbies’ lives. Malibu and Brooklyn may not have known it before, but magic was all around them. That’s a wonderful lesson for young minds to absorb.

The show will emphasize Barbie’s primary message of strength, of course. According to Mattel Television’s Vice President of Content Distribution Alex Godfrey, “Barbie is more than ever a cultural phenomenon that shows the brand’s global message that anyone can be anything through content that consistently appeals to the creativity and wonder of our global audience.”

The sequel to 2018’s massively successful Barbie DreamHouse Adventures, this series is set in familiar territory for Barbie fans, including Malibu and Brooklyn. There will be many returning characters and settings in the new series, but the songs and plots will be all original.

The show should seem both fresh and familiar to those of us who grew up playing with Barbie and watching our own children do so.

The question is, then, where, when, and how you can view Barbie: A Touch of Magic. Please tell me the price. Season 1 includes 13 episodes, each running for 22 minutes, and will be available for streaming on September 14. Nothing about future seasons has been announced, but we can always hope.

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