Alone In The Dark: Delayed Until Next Year

New Alone in the Dark game delayed from its originally scheduled October 25 release, announced developers THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive. Instead, it will be released on January 16, 2019, a much less terrifying day.

The post explaining the delay on X reads, “Horror games thrive on the eerie embrace of solitude, which is impossible to achieve in a gaming month as busy as October.” The postponement isn’t merely to keep Alone in the Dark out of the busiest month of 2023; it also gives the development team more time to polish the game.

THQ Nordic released a statement saying, “Our goal is to avoid clashing with Alan Wake’s epic release and the bright lights of towns lighted up by Spider-Man’s graceful swings. It is preferable if we can spend as much time as possible “Alone in the Dark.” As a result, instead of releasing on January 16 of this year, the terrifying horror video game will now do so on January 16 of the following year, 2024. We’ll have more time to polish the gaming experience and more time to play the fantastic titles that are coming out in October, thanks to this extension.

In homage to the pioneering survival horror game that inspired it, we present Alone in the Dark. You can take control of David Harbour’s Edward Carnby or Jodie Comer’s Emily Hartwood in a scary take on the 1920s American South. If you want to get a feel for the game’s level of scariness without spending any money, you can test out the prologue for free.

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