Ahsoka just solved Rey’s next Star Wars movie’s biggest problem.

Even though it’s hard to find Force-sensitive people, Ahsoka’s unusual ways of finding and teaching Jedi are an answer for Rey and her New Jedi Order.
Ahsoka says that hard work and training are more important than ability, which suggests that students who are not Force-sensitive could join Rey’s New Jedi Order. As Rey keeps looking for Jedi information, she might learn more from Ahsoka than from Luke. She might even be able to learn from Ahsoka herself.

The New Jedi Order caused trouble for Rey in the next Star Wars movie, but Ahsoka fixed the problem in the first few scenes. After what happened in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Rey must rebuild the Jedi Order, which may be harder for her than it was for Luke Skywalker. Ahsoka, on the other hand, has started to look into an interesting idea that could change what it means to be a Jedi and, in turn, change Rey’s New Jedi Order movie.

Ahsoka Tano doesn’t follow all of her own rules because she left the Jedi Order. Huyang has always said that the Jedi Order would not have approved of many of Ahsoka’s actions, such as her choice to train Sabine Wren. It’s funny, then, that Rey and her New Jedi Order find the answer in Ahsoka’s unusual ways of finding and teaching Jedi.

Rey has trouble finding people who want to learn how to be Jedi.

Luke and the Jedi Order looked for people who could use the Force to join them. Rey and her New Jedi Order may not have this option. Order 66 wiped out most of the Jedi Order, and Darth Vader and the Inquisitors spent years looking for the last Jedi and other people who could feel the Force. Luke was able to find enough people to start a training center, but Ben Solo killed them all. Most Force-sensitive students were hunted down by the Empire, making it hard to find them, and those who are still around will want to stay hidden. The New Jedi Order doesn’t have many candidates besides Finn, Jannah, and the kids from Canto Bight.

Thanks to Ahsoka, you no longer need the Force to be a Jedi.

But Ahsoka came up with a way to solve this problem that could be used in Rey’s Star Wars movie. All living things have some connection to the Force. When Kanan Jarrus taught Sabine how to use the Darksaber, Star Wars Rebels started to look into this in more depth. Ahsoka has added to this idea by adding a student of the Jedi Order who can’t use the Force. Sabine Wren is learning the Jedi arts from Ahsoka, even though she doesn’t feel the Force, which would have kept her out of the Jedi Order. Ahsoka responds to Huyang’s arguments by saying that hard work and training are more important than ability, so it’s hard to say what Sabine will do by the end of Ahsoka.

Will Rey take students who don’t feel the Force?

The only question left is whether or not Rey’s New Jedi Order will accept students who are not sensitive to the Force. Luke copied the old Jedi Order and made the same mistakes, so it makes sense for Rey to learn from those who came before her. Rey read the original Jedi books, and it’s possible that the first Jedi also had trouble connecting with the Force. This might make Rey want to teach people who aren’t naturally talented, especially after she saw how easy it was for a Jedi with a lot of raw power to turn to the dark side. Of course, Rey might not be able to teach anyone who wants to be a Jedi if Ahsoka dies.

Luke may not be the source of ideas for Rey’s New Jedi Order.

Luke taught Rey a lot, but Ahsoka may be a better source of ideas for her. Rey looked for Luke because he was the only Jedi she knew of who was still alive, but the Jedi books would have shown her more. As she keeps trying to learn more about the Jedi, she will think about the ideas of other Force groups, which may include Ahsoka herself. After all, The Book of Boba Fett showed that Ahsoka and Luke knew each other, so he may have written down what she told him about his father and the Jedi Order. Ahsoka, who might still be living after the third series, could also teach Rey.

Ahsoka’s speech appearance in The Rise of Skywalker seemed to prove that she was dead, but Dave Filoni said this wasn’t always the case. Filoni wouldn’t say for sure that she was still living, but it’s interesting that he left the door open for her to come back. Ahsoka didn’t appear in the first two movies of the sequel trilogy because they took place right after each other. Her appearance could be her helping Rey with the Force. No one knows what will happen to the character after The Rise of Skywalker, but Ahsoka has fixed the problem with Rey’s Star Wars movie, which could lead to more story ideas based on how the show ends.

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