Ahsoka fans excited for Dave Filoni’s return!

Episode 4 of Ahsoka brought back a crucial character, but then left viewers hanging with the ultimate cliffhanger. Be sure you’ve seen the most current episode before reading on, since there will be numerous major spoilers beyond this point in the discussion.

Still here? You’ll know that a major character made a cameo in the last seconds of the most recent episode of the Disney Plus spinoff if you did. When Baylan Skoll shoved Ahsoka Tano into the ocean, she was sucked into the World Between Worlds. There, she recognized the sound of “Snips” from someone she knew. The return of Anakin Skywalker is true.

Their adorable reunion not only brought up memories of a classic Clone Wars scene, but also led many viewers to declare the most recent episode to be the greatest of the season. In addition, the action culminated in a terrifying shock that will linger with us all week. And now that some viewers have learned that series creator and showrunner Dave Filoni will be directing the next episode, anticipation for it is higher than ever.

The show’s director, Dave Filoni, was praised for the ending and the next episode. “It won’t be a news story; it will be a religious experience,” he said. Meanwhile, someone else proclaimed, “Next week’s episode was written and directed by Dave Filoni, so HOLD ON!!!!!!!!” Calmly, another reader said, “Dave Filoni is directing the next episode, and I am emotionally not ready for what’s coming after this ending.”

Five of them agreed that the highlight of their month was when they saw Hayden in his Return of the Jedi costume again as Anakin Skywalker and heard him nickname Ahsoka “Snips.” “I really need to see the next episode as soon as possible.”

Filoni has overseen production on some of Disney Plus’s most popular live-action series to date. He oversaw the pilots for Ahsoka and The Mandalorian, as well as episode 6 of The Book of Boba Fett, also known as the “Luke trains Grogu” episode.

Not only that, but astute viewers have also noted that the new show should have an Ahsoka spinoff. Expect a major event…

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