AHS S12 Trailer: Emma Roberts’ Pregnancy

The title of the twelfth season of American Horror Story is going to be “Delicate.” It is based on the novel “Delicate Condition” written by Danielle Valentine, which tells the story of an actress who is unable to conceive a child even if someone is making an effort to stop her from doing so.
The official trailer for Season 12 of “American Horror Story: Asylum” has been released by FX Networks. The trailer highlights the show’s return to its more thrilling and dramatic beginnings.
On September 20, the first episode of Delicate will air with a cast that includes Emma Roberts, Cara Delevingne, and Kim Kardashian.
The trailer for the upcoming season 12 of American Horror Story exposes important upcoming plot points. The author Danielle Valentine’s novel “Delicate Condition” served as the jumping off point for this season of “American Horror Story.” The plot centers on an actor who is attempting to start a family but begins to have suspicions that someone is sabotaging his or her efforts. This actor is the main character in this novel. Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, and Emma Roberts are starring in the new FX series “Delicate,” which will premiere on September 20.

FX Networks has published the first trailer for their upcoming anthology series American Horror Story: Hotel. Look at this, for example:

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